Show Bluetooth in Taskbar/System Tray

Restore Missing Bluetooth Icon in Windows 10

In Windows 10, by default when Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth icon appears in the notification area or system tray of taskbar. The Bluetooth icon in the system tray allows you quickly access Bluetooth settings, join a personal area network, add a new Bluetooth device, send and receive files.

Many Windows 10 users have complained about the missing Bluetooth icon from system tray. If the Bluetooth icon is missing from system tray or notification area, use the following solutions to restore it back to system tray.

How to restore Bluetooth icon in Windows 10

Turn on Bluetooth

As said before, the Bluetooth icon appears in system tray only when Bluetooth is turned on. In short, if the Bluetooth is turned off, the Bluetooth icon won’t appear in system tray. Here is how to check the status of Bluetooth and turn it on/off.

Step 1: Open Settings app by either clicking Settings icon in the left-side of the Start menu or using Windows logo + I keyboard shortcut.

Step 2: Click Devices icon.

Step 3: Click Bluetooth.

Step 4: Under Manage Bluetooth Devices section, turn on the option labelled Bluetooth to turn it on. Likewise, move the switch to off position to turn off Bluetooth.

Since you want to restore the missing Bluetooth icon in system tray, please turn on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth icon should immediately appear in system tray after turning on the feature.

Add Bluetooth icon to system tray/notification area

If turning on Bluetooth didn’t help you get back the missing Bluetooth icon, it’s likely because the system tray icon of Bluetooth has been disabled under Bluetooth settings. Follow the given below directions to enable the Bluetooth’s system tray icon.

Step 1: Open Settings app. Click Devices.

Step 2: Click Bluetooth to see Bluetooth related settings and options. Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on, and then click the link labeled More Bluetooth options to open Bluetooth Settings dialog.


Step 3: Under the Options tab, check the option labeled Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area, and then click Apply button. That’s it!

Bluetooth icon should now appear in system tray area of Windows 10 taskbar.